A superpower available to all teachers, as every child knows to his or her cost.  Set me thinking about other professions that require super powers…

If teachers have eyes in the backs of their heads

Like most of them claim that they do,

Then why can’t you see these reversible eyes

Watching you watching them watch you?

I asked my teacher, Miss Thomson, once If she had this extra pair:

She told me she did but you’d never guess

‘Cause they peer through her thick frizzy hair.

But my brother’s teacher is bald as an egg

And he can see backwards as well.

I think his pair of eyes must be in disguise

So they look just like part of his shell.

Some kids are scared by this freaky eye trick

But I think it’s pretty cool:

I’m only eight now but when I grow up I’m going to Teacher School To learn how to do that looky-back thing,

I’ll get my own pupils and then –

I’ll stand at the front with my back to them all

Watching them watching me watch them.

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