An early hero, making me realize that not all poetry was flowers and sighs.  This one won me a prize, once…

The opening lines of his poems are frequently so extended, ostentatious and, let’s speak frankly, overblown that you’d surmise his verse would be trash

But in fact Ogden Nash

Made such an art of the elongated metre, not to mention the adjectival clause inverted,

That just as you begin to wonder where his lyrical labyrinths are leading and you’re forgetting that at some point there’s a rhyme to be had, it’s inserted.

From poems about octogenarian virgins reflecting on decades of kisses gone missing

To obscure little odes about birds’ names in Latin which, for some reason, he found quite distrissing.

A snail and amoeba race up a glacier in a masterful piece you may not have heard,

And though there were only two in the contest the amoeba split, so the snail came third.

If I were an American of literary bent,

Umpteen missives I’d doubtless have sent

Urging with gusto the President to put aside mundane affairs of state and pro tem reflect and be rational

By erecting a monument, Ogden Nashional.

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