Buddha Launch Night

Well, the famous old Fly in the Loaf pub in Liverpool had never seen anything quite like it.  Or maybe it hat, but the launch night for Buddha in a Hat was, all things considered, a bit of a success.  I’d say.  On balance.  I’m always the same before things like this, frantic preparations and then a strange kind of calm when you realize there’s no more prep you can do and you just have to get on with it.  So, with a big build up from David Parrish (creative businesses marketing guru) it was into Meanest Roman…The audience, largely composed of family, friends and members of other writers’ groups

Tony reading 2

seemed to enjoy it all and the point of it all – flogging Buddhas – was achieved.  In Praise of WLJ was going particularly well until it was pointed out that despite the rant in the poem I was wearing trousers with buttons.  If that’s lost on you, you’ll have to buy the book.

Checking buttons 1

Cries for an encore caught me by surprise, but I suspect these had been orchestrated by that nice Mr Parrish.  Still, the sound of warm applause is always welcome, no matter how it’s come about.  Great also to see some old pals, who’d travelled all the way up from Nailsworth in Gloucestershire.   For this first time, I tried a couple of the more personal, reflective poems which broke up some of the funnier stuff – laughs in all the right places, I’m pleased to report.

Audience laughter

So, booking some more gigs around Liverpool, and maybe beyond.  Keep an eye out for appearances.  Finally, big thanks to all who contributed on the night, including the gallant team from the Poised Pen, as the evening segued into the launch of our latest group anthology.  Thanks also to Eekiboo Photography, for a portfolio of brilliant photographs.

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